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"The four-door version adds a more family friendly element and there’s more practical stuff inside: stain and smell repellant fabric on the seats for the elderly and those who take their off-roading more serious than most." - Car Magazine Writer Jed Maxwell

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"There’s talent to back up the rugged styling, as the four-wheel-drive machine’s off-road ability has to be tried to be believed. Whatever the terrain, the Wrangler will find grip, thanks to its permanent four-wheel drive and low-ratio box." - Auto Express Test Team
Auto Express Review

"Great off-road and, now you can get it with four doors, more practical" - Top Gear Writer Anonymous

Top Gear Review

Capability without compromise. For a serious exploration of worldly wilds, the legendary capability of Jeep® Wrangler expands your view. Its updated cabin adds refined touches, yet remains true to its authentic soul. All guts and more glory tell the tale of this icon - an enduring story of adventure for more than 70 years. The Wrangler is available in 3 different models; Sahara, Overland and Rubicon. The Sahara is a car equipped to ensure maximum comfort on the orad, whilst remaining an unconventional, yet elegant car. The Overland offers a slight increase in luxury and urban appeal, featuring a built-in satellite navigation system and body coloured styling as standard. The special order Rubicon is for the pure adventurers. The Rubicon allows you to tackle the most extreme and challenging off-road terrains around, whilst providing an incomparable off-road driving experience.


The Jeep Wrangler is a true automotive icon. The Wrangler sticks to it's purpose-built, classic design; seven slot grille, round headlamp, exposed forged-aluminium hood latches, removable doors, fold-down windscreen, fog lamps and robust wheel arches. If you love being outside, then the Wrangler is the ultimate expression of fun, freedom and adventure. You can have a lot of fun with the Wrangler and you get to experience all the car has to offer by; removing the top, putting down the windscreen or by taking off the doors. The Wrangler is a symbol of freedom, which is recognised all around the world.


The interior of the Wrangler features soft touch materials and acoustic enhancements. Interior benefits of the Wrangler include; available heated front seats, in the Overland, leather trim seats come as standard, steering wheel mounted audio controls and chrome gear stick.


The Wrangler is available in two different engines; a 2.8L CRD Diesel Engine or a 3.6L V6 Petrol Engine. All Wrangler's use a Start/Stop system which cuts the engine automatically when the vehicle is stationary but restarts automatically when pressure is applied to the clutch. This system helps to save fuel by 12% as well as reduce Carbon emissions by 13%. The Jeep Wrangler has a 5 speed automatic gearbox with an autostick which allows the driver to switch seamlessly from one gear to another.


The frame and suspension geometry are major contributors to the brilliant off-road performance of the Jeep Wrangler. Maximum strength is ensured through the longitudinal and transverse frame, along with the rigid front and rear supension to the car, withstand the extreme conditions and to help overcome the most challenging obstacles. The electronic disconnection of the front stabliser (ASBS), which is standard on the Rubicon model, can be used in the most challenging of situations. This system removes the connection between the wheels on the front, allowing each wheel to act individually. On all models, the dampers are adjustable to softer springs to ensure a good balance between handling on-road and off-road ability.

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